Board Games are basically traditional games which are played on the boards by various methods. These games involve counters or pieces which are placed on the board and can be moved. There are so many rules that are involved while playing these games, which helps to play the game properly. Board games usually don’t need to be played on the board and are based on various strategies. Normally, players have some goal while playing board games, and early, these games show a battle between the two teams.

There are various varieties of board games present and which represent the real situations of the battle, such as checkers, chess, etc. Rules of these games range from lower to higher like in snakes and ladder; the rules are straightforward, but in advanced squad leader, the rules are complex. The learning of the various board games depends upon their rules and regulations, but it’s not correlated with the complexity and the number of rules. Different games have different rules and regulations like chess, ludo, carom, etc. so you need to learn various rules according to them.

If you want to know about various board games, then you can consider this article for that. It will help you to understand various aspects of the board games.

Here you can find a list with the best board games categorized by the number of players:

Types of Board Games

1. Scrabble

This game includes a standard dictionary and a crossword puzzle format. It is being played with the help of lettered tiles to form different words in a simple way, and it is a proper classic board game. If you play this game with various strategies, then it can help you to get multiple rewards and benefits. All the letters which you make on the board if they are meaningful, then they get converted into a huge number of points.

Letter tiles are assigned with various points, the common word will get lower points, and rare words will get higher points. This system is not based on the length and vocabulary of the word; it is based on small words with extraordinary meaning. The player who makes common words and won’t get enough points then they usually lose the game at the end. 

2. Catan

This game mostly engaged the players to play the game to manage, develop, and earn victory points to have a rich island in Catan. There are some of the issues that a player needs to take care of. Problems that need to be taken care of are navigating incidents, vying and maintain resources. It includes a hexagonal board that can be set again and again whenever a new game has to start to make a new Catan island.

The resources which are used in this game are brick, lumber, wool, etc. to begin the game by setting up a land. A dice is used to play the game, which helps to move forward in the game. The cards which are included in this game are used to create Catan’s cities, roads, and settlements. The roads and various types of equipment in the game help the players to have more opportunities to get an ordinary game. If the player achieves ten victories in the game, then he is declared as a winner of the game.

3. Monopoly

This game is a family multi-player classic game that can be played with various family members. It is played with he helps of a board, two stacks of the card, set pieces, and a bank of cash, which is a famous monopoly bank. Players play this game with a dice, and it can be played for hours with interest and fun. After playing for so long, the board becomes a place of receiving or paying cash among various players.

There are different rules present in this game, and you need to be aware of all of them so that you won’t get cheated while playing. If you collect $200 at the end of the game, then you can earn ownership of any of the property. But if you renovate that property and costs get due, then it can be called as a backfire. It is one of the most iconic American board game, and it is remembered due to its ode in New York City and the investment capacity in the game.


The games which are mentioned above are the different types of board games which are very famous for being played. It is very important to have knowledge of the game first and then play it. You can consider these games in your free time when you want to entertain yourself with a good variety of games.